40g/H ozone generator ozone water treatment air purifier

product detailsozone productionozone concentrationpower ratingweightdimensioncoolingmodel40g/h15-25mg/l480w17.7kg55*40*85cmair&water coolingHY-015-40A ApplicationsFunctions:*technology corona discharge ozone generator*water cooling: keep at optimal efficiency on cooling way*easy operation: ozone system and air pump swit

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product details
ozone productionozone concentrationpower ratingweightdimensioncoolingmodel
40g/h15-25mg/l480w17.7kg55*40*85cmair&water coolingHY-015-40A

40g/H Ozone Generator Ozone Water Treatment Air Purifier


*technology corona discharge ozone generator

*water cooling: keep at optimal efficiency on cooling way

*easy operation: ozone system and air pump switch

*ozone concentration adjustable

*high quality standard: inner air source with dry and clean air

Characteristics of ozone disinfection: 
1)rapid reaction;low amount of ozone can kill bacteria , spores, viruses in the water quickly and keep sterilization inactivation at very low concentrations;
2)Strong adaptability
3)No persistent residue in water and no secondary pollution
4)The half-life of ozone is very short, only twenty minutes
5)Ozone can destroy organic matter in the water, improve the physical properties of water and  remove smell

ozone is widely used in air purification and water treatment:
>air purification:

#Food and beverage industry: workshop, changing room

#keeping-fresher: vegetable&fruit processing,storage

#hotels, beauty salons,toilets

>water sterilization:

# Aquaculture, Aquarium, Fish farming Water treatment

# Swimming pools Water treatment

# Sewage water treatment

# Various Water Disinfection& sterilization

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Guangzhou jiahuan appliance technology co., ltd was established in 2007, with over 150 employees , covering more than 10000m2 , professional making ozone generator and PSA oxygen generator for water treatment and air purification .
40g/H Ozone Generator Ozone Water Treatment Air Purifier

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we can manufature ozone generator from 500mg/h to 3kg/h. for air purification and water sterilization.

40g/H Ozone Generator Ozone Water Treatment Air Purifier
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