Commercial kitchen exhaust purification ozone generator

OG-50g wall mounted ozone generator for kitchen dust cleaning ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- item unit OG-035 OG-50ozone capacity g/h 3550ozone concentration mg/l 15-3015-30power w480w520wair lfow m3/h&nbs

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OG-50g wall mounted ozone generator for kitchen dust cleaning 
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Ozone Generator

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Ozone Generator
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Ozone Generator
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Ozone Generator
item unit OG-035 OG-50
ozone capacity g/h 3550
ozone concentration mg/l 15-3015-30
power w480w520w
air lfow m3/h 245260
size cm40*30*55cm 40*32*63cm 
net weight kg 2023
technology /corona dishcarge 
dielectric substance/ceramic plate 
material /304 stainless steel 
frequency /110v-240v/50-60hz 
plug /optional 
timer yes 
ozone output /adjustable 
concentration /adjustable 
warranty year 1
life-spanhours >50000

application : 
PurposeapplicationOzone concentration ( ppm)Per m3, per hour ozone production
(mg/l )
How to use ?
SterilizationSurgery tool2050-10020ppm treat 60min (internation YY0214.295)
Cold room6-1015-25Work continuousely (1-3hours )
Food workshop1.0-1.52.5-3.5After duty off work 1-2 hours
Ward/surgery  room2.5-55.5-15About 1 hours
Clothes 10-2025-50Humidity 90%,hang up
And keep fresh
Normal place1-22.5-5Regular running
egg2-2.55-5.5Work intermmittently 20min , 2-3times /day
Fish ,cheese0.5-11.5-2.5
Odor remove and refreshFish processing workshop37Work when it need
Slaughter house
Fatty acid plant1025
Rubber plant3-107-25
garbage disposal

ozone generator for kitchen :

Though an electrostatic filter can remove a proportion of odours generated in the cooking, some odours still can not be eliminated. So, the remaining odours need to be treated by a strong oxidizer. Ozone, as a well-known powerful disinfectant, will effectively mitigate the odours. Below are the benefits of the ozone generator for kitchen exhaust system:

1.Reduction of Oil and Grease: this ozone unit reduces oil and grease in the kitchen exhaust systems keeping the exhaust duct works clean and odour free. Ozone breaks down the oil and grease invapor form to carbon dioxide, water and a small amount of polymerized grease which leaves the exhaust duct works in the form of a dry powder. Polymerized grease is bio degradable and poses no health hazard.

2.Reduction of Micro organisms: in all kind of ventilation systems there are bacteria's, and other micro organisms. Ozone generator eliminates all types of micro organisms. In this way ozone prevents the built up of bacteria's and other microorganisms fromentering the kitchen.

3.Reduction of cooking odour: all types of cooking create odors. The odors are exhausted through the duct works in a gaseous form and do not get caught in a conventional filters of the kitchen hoods. Ozone reduces the odors to a minimum if not eliminating them all together by oxidation. This prevents food smell from reentering the HVAC system through the fresh air intakes of near by buildings and offices.

4.Fire protection and duct cleaning: the ozone injected in the kitchen hoods oxidizes the oil and grease in the vapor form preventing them from condensing on the cooler ductworks down stream of the exhaust system preventing the build up of oil and grease in the kitchens exhaust systems. This reduces considerably the risk of fire in the ductworks and increases the life time of the ventilation system. The number of duct cleaning or sweeping can significantly be reduced.

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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Ozone Generator

1.  What is ozone?

Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidants available, destroying bacteria,viruses, mold and mildew in air, water and diverse applications almost instantly and more efficiently than any other technology. Ozone's molecular structure is three oxygen atoms (O3).

2.  Will Ozone hurt me?

Once the ozone concentration fails to meet the hygiene and safety standard, we can notice with our sense of smell and dodge away or take actions to avoid further leakage. So far there is no one death reported caused by ozone poisoning.

3. Why is ozone a green technology?

Ozone is a green technology with many environmental benefits. It reduces our dependence on traditionally used, harmful chemicals such as chlorine and eliminates their hazardous disinfectant by-products (DBPs). The only by product created by ozone applications is oxygen which is reabsorbed into the atmosphere. Ozone's ability to disinfect in cold water also saves energy.

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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Ozone Generator

Air source ozone generator 
ozone concentration (10mg/l -30mg/l )
 ozone production source power 
HY-0022g/h air source 60w
HY-004 5g/h air source 120w
HY-00510g/h air source 180w
HY-00615g/h air source 300w
HY-006 20g/h air source 320w
HY-00330g/h air source
water cooling 
HY-01540g/h air source 
water cooling 
HY-01550g/h air source 
water cooling 
HY-01660g/h air source 
water cooling 
HY-01680g/h air source
water cooling 
HY-017100g/h air source 
water cooling 
oxygen source ozone generator 
ozone concentration ( 80-100mg/l )

modelozone production cooling power 
YT-01510g/h air cooling680w
YT-01515g/h air cooling 780w
YT-01620g/h water cooling 850w
YT-01630g/h water cooling 950w
YT-01640g/h water cooling 600+air compressor 
YT-01750g/h water cooling 650+air compressor 
YT-01760g/h water cooling 700+air compressor 
YT-01780g/h water cooling 800+air compressor 
YT-018100g/h water cooling 950+air compres
HY-018150g/h YT-018150g/h 
HY-018200g/h YT-018200g/h 
HY-019300g/h YT-019300g/h 
HY-020400g/h YT-020400g/h 
HY-021500g/h YT-021500g/h
HY-022600g/h YT-022600g/h 
HY-023700g/h YT-023700g/h 
HY-024800g/h YT-024800g/h
HY-024900g/h YT-024900g/h 
HY-0251000g/h YT-0251000g/h 
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