100g agricultural water treatment ozone generator

 100G Ozone Generator for Agriculture Water Treatment Product Description:                                   Model : YT-018-100G  

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 100G Ozone Generator for Agriculture Water Treatment


Product Description:
                                   Model : YT-018-100G


 100g Ozone Generator for Agriculture Water Treatment


                 Our YT-018-100A employs the latest technology to produce ozone, with 100g/h ozone production, it does good in sterilization and deodorization, especailly in drinking water treatment,chemical plant waste water recycling treatment.
YT-018-100A links with an air compressor outside and has inner PSA high purified oxygen generator, accelerating the production of ozone.



Model No


Ozone output(g/hr)


Ozone concentration(mg/l)






Gas flow rate





Dry clean air

Cooling way

water cooling+air cooling




Protects Against Diseases
Most of the diseases of the plants take place due to infection. Ozone destroys all the microorganisms present in water as well asincreases the oxygen content. Irrigation using Ozonated water also protects against contagious diseases, destroys bacteria, virus and parasitic cysts, which are difficult to fight using other alternative methods. Use of pesticides and other chemical agents leave behind residues, which are harmful for human consumption and for the environment as well on the other hand ozone does not leave behind any residue and decomposes back to oxygen.
Moreover, any product irrigated with ozonised water, stored and transported in ozonized atmosphere, conserves all its characteristics for a much longer time.

Promotes Better Growth
Irrigation using Ozonated water consist greater amount of Oxygen content as ozone decomposes back to Oxygen once it comes in contact with impurities present in the water. The ozonised water that is used for irrigation is free from viruses, bacteria, fungi, seaweed, spores and any other microorganisms. Water in the absence of germs confers to the best conditions possible to obtain faster growth, the plant grows with more aliveness, more vitality and force and it will be able to grow within a very short duration of time (between 30 to 40 days from the beginning).

Provides More Benefit
Irrigation using Ozonated water provides a more voluminous and productive harvest which is obtained in a very short duration of time, implying a huge saving in amount of water used for irrigation and the cost for fertilizer and additives which are further used to promote faster growth. The use of fertilizer and additives is reduced to almost 50%, when Ozonated water is used for irrigation purpose, due to which the cycle of maturation of crops is completed within a very short duration of time and represents the same size, strength and volume which are gained using fertilizers and additives.

Improves Taste And Flavor
Use of Ozonated water for irrigation increases the taste and flavor of the harvest.

Advantages Of Using Ozonated Water For Irrigation
* Since Ozone is very strong germicidal agent, it almost eliminates infection causing microorganism and in return provides better
product in terms of volume, weight, size, strength, nutritious value and taste.
* Ozone has very powerful and strong oxidation capability and thus destroys organic waste by oxidizing it.
* Ozone is very environmental friendly as it does not leave behind any harmful residues unlike other pesticides, fertilizers and
additives used for growing crops as it decomposes back to Oxygen.
* Use of Ozonated water for irrigation ensures that plants grow more vigorously and are healthier, free form any kind of contagious diseases.


1. Technology corona discharge high-quality quartz ozone cell

2. Adjustable ozone output 0-100%
3. Inner temperature controller to prevent heat generating
4. Ozone generated tube cooling way: water-cooling system
5. Special design to avoid water return
6. 120mins timer controller or continuous running
7. External / Inner air compressor
8. Inner refrigerant dryer
9. Stainless steel 304 case

10. Inner PSA oxygen generator unit
11. CE approved
12. Lifespan>= 20, 000 hour

100g Ozone Generator for Agriculture Water Treatment
100g Ozone Generator for Agriculture Water Treatment
100g Ozone Generator for Agriculture Water Treatment


1. Medical treatment industry: disinfect sickroom, operating room, medical treatment equipment,aseptic room, etc. 
2. Laboratory: industrial oxidation of flavor and pharmaceutical intermediate,small water treatment 
3. Beverage industry: disinfect production water supply for Bottle water -pure water,
mineral water and any kinds of beverage, etc. 

4. Fruits and vegetables processing industry: keep fruits and vegetables fresh and Cold storage;
disinfect production water supply for fruits and vegetables processing. 

5. Sea food factory : Remove smell of sea food factory and kill bacteria ,disinfect production water supply.
6. Slaughtering : Remove smell of slaughtering and kill bacteria, disinfect production water supply. 
7. Poultry factory : Remove smell of poultry factory and kill bacteria ,disinfect water for poultry feeding. 
8. Ozone use for surface sanitation 
9. Swimming pool and SPA water sterilization and disinfection 
10. Ozone laundry system for Washing machine 
11.Aquaculture and aquarium water sterilization 
12.Waste/sewerage water treatment (Agriculture wastewater treatment) 
13.Decolor for textile,Jeans bleaching


Ozonated water used for Irrigation provides oxygen to the root making it free of virus, bacteria,fungi, seaweed, spores and any other microorganisms, and further promotes fast and steady growth, with more aliveness as well as more productivity.

Ozone improves the respiratory process at cellular level. The direct germicidal action of ozone is well-known against all types of microorganisms, such as fungi, bacteria and virus. Ozone fight against bacteria such as: pseudomonas, Flavobacterium, streptococcus, Legionella, etc. In the particular cases of fungi and bacteria which are the main cause of degradation of vegetables. Ozone is very effective against these microorganisms which are able to propagate and reproduce in harsh and extreme conditions also.

It is known that the spores mentioned are very resistant when the conditions are adverse for them and can remain for a long time in latency, being transferred from one place to another through air or other ways, until they again find propitious condition for growing, in this case it is extremely difficult to eradicate such infection using other alternates and is such cases ozone proves to be very effective and provides complete protection.

Ozone is a very powerful germicidal agent, which is able to eliminate parasitic bacteria's, virus, fungi and cysts, without forming toxic compounds or leaving harmful residues behind, since it decomposes back to oxygen. Ozone is extremely useful forirrigating fruit trees, vineyards and cultures in preventing them from deadly diseases.

100g Ozone Generator for Agriculture Water Treatment

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 100g Ozone Generator for Agriculture Water Treatment



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