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2022-09-09 20:42:23 By : Ms. Janet Risece

Cylinders and liquid nitrogen can no longer be considered a viable option when it comes to working with a certain type of nitrogen. They can become very expensive in some cases, as well as being highly harmful to the environment. Nevertheless, nitrogen is widely used in today's world, as its properties are easily applicable in industry and laboratories. Those who use it must, however, have a detailed knowledge of the substance, also because a certain level of purity is required for its use, which in some cases entails a considerable cost. So, it is not as easy as people think, but unlike popular belief, nitrogen presents no particular risks.

A company that has tried in its 30 years of experience to find a suitable solution to the problem of nitrogen use is Swissgas. In particular, the company has been working on the design of generators that allow customers to convert nitrogen to its gaseous state. So in order to buy one, all you have to do is look through the catalogue of Swissgas, which has a wide range of nitrogen gas generators for sale.

Here below you will find some important things to know in order to make a smart purchase.

Those who are a little more experienced and familiar with this field have probably already heard of PSA technology. PSA stands for "Pressure, Swing, Adsorption", and is basically a clever way of generating nitrogen. This type of technology is particularly suitable for situations where a high level of nitrogen purity is required, and the nitrogen generator separates the oxygen molecules from the nitrogen molecules. This is possible because the generator affects the compressed air by adsorbing the oxygen molecules. Because of its functionality, this phase is known as the "separation or adsorption phase".

The main quality of nitrogen is the fact that it is non-reactive. In fact, it does not respond in any way when in the presence of other gases. This clearly sets it apart from many other gases, which have a different chemical structure and therefore do not have the same properties. Oxygen itself is actually very reactive, which is why it is very important to have the right technology available to be able to separate molecules. This peculiarity of nitrogen makes it possible to prevent oxidation and, therefore, corrosion. Because nitrogen is such an essential component for some companies, it is also important to understand how you can get it. Of course, there are the options of renting and buying from suppliers, but these are always highly expensive for companies. The most popular solution is usually to produce nitrogen in-house, which can only be done through a generator.

Nitrogen is used in a wide range of sectors, including many companies and industries. Today, more specifically, the main areas in which it is used are: oil and gas, electronics, packaging of products and beverages, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, fire prevention, industry and naval industry.

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