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If you’re looking to purchase an automatic cat litter box and start searching for options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the results. While we all love the freedom from scooping that comes from a self-cleaning feline toilet, all the brands have different features, strengths, and drawbacks. Buying the right model not only determines the ease of kitty cat litter box maintenance, but how quickly your pet transitions to a different potty.

Our new favorite is ChouBox, launching March 2022. It’s the brainchild of Choueer, the pet-centric 2020 startup that’s brought to market the highly successful Smart Feeder and Drinking Fountain. With their dedication to innovation and quality, it’s not surprising that ChouBox is a home run. It’s got all the high tech bells and whistles of the high end models, while avoiding their shortcomings.

While cats enjoy stuffing themselves into little cardboard boxes for fun, the researchers at Choueer observed that cramped quarters are not something cats prefer in a litter box.

One element that makes ChouBox paws above the rest is its ergonomic design. The engineering team at Choueer spent half a year perfecting the open-air entry. While cats enjoy stuffing themselves into little cardboard boxes for fun, the researchers at Choueer observed that cramped quarters are not something cats prefer in a litter box.

ChouBox’s entry design is 50% larger than the competition. This spacious access plus roomy interior make it suitable for cats of all sizes up to 22 lbs. Additionally, It maximizes kitty comfort for different potty poses, an especially thoughtful feature for accommodating pets with a stiff hip or spine.

Now let’s talk about odors. ChouBox is so effective that it’s the only model we know that will let you successfully go up to 14 days between cleanings. That means the task of kitty waste disposal is reduced to a mere two times a month.

ChouBox’s genius is a vertical drop path that clears away clumped litter nearly twice as fast as its competitors. It eliminates all the stink by whisking feces into a hidden 10 liter sealed chamber.

Unlike other brands that mask smells with disinfectant sprays or ineffective carbon filters, ChouBox uses an ozone generator and UV light that actually sanitize and inhibit bacterial growth. The sealed waste receptacle is lined with a trash bag. Just pull the plastic drawstrings tight and you’re good to go, never once touching anything yucky.

Owners of competitive models often complain of the cleaning mechanism erroneously activating when their cats are using the litter box or of loud offensive noise from the motor. The folks at Choueer know that cats like their potty places tranquil, free from unexpected sounds and surprise movements.

ChouBox creates a stress free ambiance by utilizing both infrared and gravity sensors to precisely detect your pet’s whereabouts. It instantly and reliably auto-pauses all functions at any point it senses a kitty is near. Even when cleaning, the motor’s noise output is less than 35dB. That’s about as loud as a library whisper, so it won’t disturb you, your family, or your pets. Both the strategically placed sensors that halt operation and the super quiet motor contribute to the ease with which kitty transitions to her new litter box.

The ChouBox is the obvious result of tons of effort and research into improving upon self-cleaning litter boxes. It’s a great choice for cat owners who love their pets and are looking for a high-end product that will transform the chore of constant scooping. Any quality automatic cat litter box is an investment, but right now during the launch period, Choueer is offering special perks and early bird deals on the ChouBox. Head on over HERE to learn more and join the community.

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