Ql-Psa Laboratory High Purity 25lpm Nitrogen Generator

Application of QL-PSA nitrogen gas generator:1.Nitrogen supply for Termovap Sample Concentrator2.Nitrogen supply for LCMS3.Nitrogen supply for ICPMS4.Other pure nitrogen application field Detailed technical specification of QL-NPSA nitrogen gas generator:This Generator is provided with one full set of FESTO filter

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Application of QL-PSA nitrogen gas generator:

1.Nitrogen supply for Termovap Sample Concentrator

2.Nitrogen supply for LCMS

3.Nitrogen supply for ICPMS

4.Other pure nitrogen application field


Detailed technical specification of QL-NPSA nitrogen gas generator:

This Generator is provided with one full set of FESTO filters, the air supplied to the Generator still need to be dry and
2.4. N2 output
2.4.1. Quantity and purity of N2 generate:N2 flow rate scope 0-25L/min 
2.4.2. Delivery pressure: the generator delivers N2 at a pressure greater than 450 kPa.
2.4.3. O2 contamination level: O2 level in the N2 stream is not exceed 0.5%, and does not vary from peak to trough by
more than 5% of the absolute concentration.
2.5 Dimensions
With package, the Generator size: 850 mm (Length)x 920 mm (width)x 1100 mm(height).
2.6 Weight
With package, the Generator weight is not more than 155 kg.
2.7 Wheels
The Generator is fitted with 2 fixed wheels at the rear and 2 swivel wheels with brakes at the front

2.12. Start up
2.12.1. Start up time
Start up times means the time from start up to producing qualified nitrogen.
The time to complete start up is less than 15 minutes.
2.13. Gas connections
The two external gas connections on the Generator, Air In and N2 Out, are constructed from brass and are to suit ¼"
(6.35 mm) OD tubing. There are labeling in English next to these connections, "Air In" and "N2 Out", as part of the
rating label.


2.14. Environmental requirements
2.14.1. Operating temperatures
The Generator is normally operated within performance specification over the temperature range:
10ºC - 35ºC from 0 - 3000 m, and 10ºC - 25ºC from 3000 - 4500 m
The Generator can operate safely over the temperature range:
5ºC - 35ºC from 0 - 3000 m, and 5ºC - 25ºC from 3000 - 4500 m
2.14.2. Noise level requirements
Noise level from the Generator is less than 72dBa at 1m distance. This is achieved by fitting silencers on the exhaust

Ql-Psa High Purity 25lpm Nitrogen Gas Generator for Lab Use
Ql-Psa High Purity 25lpm Nitrogen Gas Generator for Lab Use



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